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Scottsdale Serenity Smiles Dental Implants

Scottsdale Serenity Smiles Dental implants are titanium posts that are similar in shape and act as artificial tooth roots. These are carefully placed in the jawbone and allowed to heal. During the healing, your bone grows up to the implant locking it into place. There are many brands of implants on the market. Your doctors scientifically evaluates the research to determine the best implant choice for your long term success and only uses implants that meet these criteria, using a Cone Beam CT Scan – a machine which is available right in our office.




If you are a denture wearer and are having problems keeping your dentures in place or you cannot enjoy your favorite foods, then implants can make a life changing difference for you. Depending on your individual case, anywhere from 3 to 8 implants can be placed in each jaw to anchor new teeth in place. No more wobbling or clicking; no more messy pastes and glues. You will be free to enjoy all of your favorite foods with confidence and comfort.


IS IT TOO LATE FOR ME TO GET IMPLANTS?If you are under the age of 65 and wearing a denture, we should perform an immediate implant evaluation because after the age of 65, no insurer or Medicare will cover this medically necessary surgery which then becomes an out of pocket expense for the client. This alone can cause the cost to get your teeth back to double.



Published clinical research shows that implant supported restorations have been successful for over 30 years with success rates now reaching over 95%. These cases were carefully followed from the very beginning and are likely to remain successful for the lifetime of these clients. We plan your case based on your age at the time of treatment, family health history, and individual client needs. In addition, implant technology is constantly changing and improving. We are constantly attending international meetings looking for what is going to provide the most predicable result over the course of his clients’ lifetimes.

What are the benefits of Scottsdale Serenity Smiles dental implant?

  • They look and feel just like your own teeth. Scottsdale Serenity Smiles Dental implants restore your confidence to talk, laugh, and chew with comfort and without worries. You can kiss those dentures or partials and gooey adhesives goodbye.
  • Implants preserve your facial structure. Implants prevent the face from the collapse that occurs under conventional bridges, dentures, and removable partial dentures. Implants form a strongbond to the surrounding bone to provide support and anchorage for biting and chewing as well as stimulation for the bone to hold it in place. Implants stimulate and preserve the jaw bone and prevent it from eroding over time causing facial changes related to tooth loss. Not only are implants a “third set of teeth” but they keep your bone structure healthy.
  • Implant-supported crowns and bridges do not require neighboring teeth for support. When teeth are replaced using traditional tooth-supported bridges, the teeth on either side of the missing tooth are ground down so that the bridge can be cemented onto them. Removable partial dentures are even worse using destructive clasps which grab a hold of the adjacent teeth. As the partial rocks back and forth, it can loosen the teeth it depends on for anchorage, causing them to be lost.
  • Implants replace the entire tooth and the missing root so it is a free-standing restoration. This leaves more of your natural teeth untouched and free of restorations which over time saves your natural teeth. The science shows that the lowest risk to you of losing another tooth is provided if an implant replaces a missing tooth versus any other dental treatment method.
  • Easy to clean! An implant supported crown can be cleaned like your other natural teeth, i.e. brushing, waterpik, sonicare, and flossing. Cleaning under a bridge, however, requires the use of floss threaders for proper cleaning, while a partial must be taken out several times a day and scrubbed clean.

Myth#1: Scottsdale Serenity Smiles Dental implants are painful!
FALSE! In my more than a decade of placing Scottsdale Serenity Smiles dental implants, most of my patients say, “that was much easier than I thought!”
There are three things that will predict whether this procedure will hurt.
The ease or difficulty of your unique situation is first. The second factor is your ability to heal well. And third, the skill and training of your implant dentist.
Pain should not be a factor in your decision making process. Choose the treatment that will give you the best result

Myth#2: Scottsdale Serenity Smiles Dental implants are expensive!
FALSE! Single tooth Scottsdale Serenity Smiles dental implants do not cost much more than an average 3 tooth bridge! In our office, the cost is almost identical. The long-term cost for having an implant versus a bridge is much lower, since a bridge will be replaced every 7 -15 years. Your Scottsdale Serenity Smiles dental implant will most likely never need to be replaced! Can you put a price tag on enjoying the things that you really love like eating what you want, when you want, with whom you want? Can you live with rest of your life with mental and physical trauma caused by ill fitting dentures? The truth is you live once, and you have important occasions once. You are unique and you deserve to live with comfort. loss of teeth bringing you down? Loss of function driving you nuts? Time to get dental implants underneath your dentures.

Myth#3: Scottsdale Serenity Smiles Dental Implants take a long time!
FALSE! Having an implant usually takes 2 – 4 months on average. A bridge takes 3 – 6 weeks.
It is a short term sacrifice for a long term benefit!
Bone by nature, takes a while to heal.

    • You are missing teeth, or, about to lose teeth and your dentist did not give you any other choice than a “flipper”, “bridge”, or a denture.
    • Your dentures wobbles around when you eat. your denture goes too far back in your mouth and gags you.
    • You don’t like the way you look and want a beautiful smile.
    • You suffer with dentures or partials that just don’t work, hurt, or make you look older.
    • You hear yourself say “My teeth are a mess.” or “My mouth is a disaster.”

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Scottsdale Serenity Smiles Dental Implant

  • The right read of the bone on the CT scan.
  • The right prosthesis, according to the biomechanics forces of the patient.
  • The correct surgical guide, in order to place the best size of the dental implants.
  • The correct post-operative management to detect and avoid healing problems, such as pre-matter exposure or suture line opening.
  • The correct connective tissue management in order to give the implant the best chance of success over time.
  • Communication about the correct healing abutment and impression transfers.
  • The right occlusal progressive load in order to maximize success of the implant. In other words, the best forces that are placed on the dental implant.

At Serenity, these two entities are combined into one. Our doctors surgically place the implant, and are the restorative dentists, which means every Scottsdale implant patient gets the best of both worlds.

The Perfect Scan that Plans the Surgery – Scottsdale Serenity Smiles Implants

It’s important to deliver the implant to the best bone, with the most stability,  To accomplish this, we use a specially formulated cone beam surgical planning procedure that  takes the guesswork out of the dental implant placement procedure. With technology and experience, we can control the exact placement of the dental implant by performing a virtual surgery on the bone, as presented in the computer scan. The relative placement of your Scottsdale Serenity Smiles implant is completely controlled by learning about how it interacts with the bone. The bone can be hard or soft in different places along the trajectory of the dental implant, but that is learned during this preliminary process, making it possible to anticipate problems before they happen.

Your medications and Medical History Matter – Scottsdale Tooth Implant

We believe that every patient is unique, and that their bodies are unique. We respect and treat every Scottsdale Serenity Smiles dental implant surgery as an orthopedic surgery because there is a screw going into bone. Dental implant surgery is similar to a knee or hip replacement, in this way.

We frequently prescribes lab tests, and then consults with the internist or cardiologist to perfectly time the dental implant surgery when it’s safest for the patient. We pay close attention to every single medication that is used on our Scottsdale Serenity Smiles implant patients.  The idea that every human and their body is unique permeates the understanding that a person safety is paramount throughout any surgical procedure.

Your Scottsdale Serenity Smiles implant surgery will be done in operating room, rather than a dental chair

At Serenity Smiles, we believe that every patient’s surgery should take place in the best-possible environment, to maximize safety and ensure success. When a surgeon is doing bone graft and placement of a permanent implant in the bone, the operating theater must be impeccably clean, similar to a hospital operating room. Most dental surgeries are done in a dental chair without any controlling entity, such as Joint Commission JCAHO, that exists in the medical field.

In the dental field, most surgeries are done in the same dental chair as fillings, crowns, and impressions. We use two operating rooms with state-of-the-art equipment, while carefully observing accepted surgical protocols. This maximizes sterility within the environment where the Scottsdale Serenity Smiles implant surgery is performed.

Minimal Steps to Getting your Implant Teeth – Scottsdale Serenity Smiles dental implants

With the advance of growth factors and specialized implant surfaces, We have successfully loaded implants in as little as six weeks time. Growth factors are frequently utilized. We also utilize other novel concepts, such as progressive loading. We carefully study the forces in every patient’s mouth before placing their teeth in full function, so that they benefit from a lifetime of use from their Scottsdale Serenity Smiles implant investment.


We use IV Conscious sedation with careful titration of sedatives to relieve patient anxiety and provide relief from unsightly sounds and smells during their Scottsdale Serenity Smiles implant surgery. It is common in the mediation profession to control fluids, patient comfort, and vitals by using sedation when performing simple surgeries. This is commonly done during Lasik or toe surgery, however, it has not caught on in dentistry because it is expensive and time consuming for private practitioners to learn sedation skills.

Sedation dentistry helps with implants procedures in the following ways:

Sedation can be employed to keep the patient safer.  Patient’s that don’t experience anxiety usually have more normal blood pressure, pulse, and respiration while receiving their Scottsdale Serenity Smiles dental implants.

Sedation, along with Dentistry, can minimize discomfort by eliminating memory of the Scottsdale Serenity Smiles implant procedure along with reducing sensations of sight, sound, and touch.

Sedated dental implant patients are monitored carefully with blood pressure, pulseoxymeter, and breathing profile.  Sedated persons have a better oxygen profile, which is something that promotes healing.

Dental implant surgery can be performed much quicker. Certain aspects of surgery like retraction of the tissue is also usually easier, which reduces postoperative discomfort.

Primary Closure as one of the keys to Scottsdale Serenity Smiles Implant Placement, and promotes healing

Your mouth happens to be a very dirty place. Not only does food constantly go into the mouth, but there are approximately 250 different kind of bacteria that can live in oral tissue and the tongue. Furthermore, saliva, stomach fluids, and post nasal drip can create an unfavorable environment for Scottsdale Serenity Smiles dental implants, which may prevent tissue from healing properly.  After 10-years of research and studying under implant masters such as late Carl Misch, we have developed a unique way of getting primary closure over bone graft and implant surgery areas.

Instead of letting the wound heal open, or with artificial membranes that are sometimes not effective, we approximate the tissue by gentle “stretching” in order to close the tissue completely over the dental surgery sites. Benefits are numerous:

No food can get into the socket to infect the bone graft or area around the implant.

  • Less to no bleeding.
  • No invasion of foreign tissue from the mouth around the implant so that Scottsdale Serenity Smiles implant can attach to the bone.
  • Better looking tissue, and more natural gum around the tissue.
  • No scarring.
  • Little to no bone loss compared to open socket healing.
  • No Bone graft falling out.

We avoid using Dead Human (cadaver) bone or cow bone for grafting

“Bone graft is not really bone”

A dentist placing bone graft that comes from either human, cow, or synthetic is simply a calcium matrix. There is actually no living cells or living material in either of those three examples, because the body will dissolve all that dead bone particulate matrix. This fact is true whether the graft is allograft (coming from another human), Xenograft (coming from another species other than human) or synthetic particles.  If you asked the majority of dental surgeons, they will tell you that most of the xenograft or synthetic particulate glass particles that dentists place as graft material still remains in human body undisturbed, even years after placement.

We have found that real living bone that is harvested from the implant surgery site provides the best grafting material.

Harvest as we drill – Scottsdale Serenity Smiles implants

We use special Trephines that core out the bone where the implant is placed rather than sequentially drilling out the bone that gets wasted and removed during drilling for the implant.

Scottsdale Serenity Smiles Implants

When more bone is needed than what can be saved from implant drill sites, we identify minimally invasive sites such as maxillary tuberosity, mandibular, maxillary torus (extra islands of bone), and mandibular 3rd molar areas where wisdom teeth used to be. There is minimal risk of injury to the jaw bone or the nerve when harvesting the living bone and placing it in the locations where it’s needed. There are minimal stitches, and the bone harvest sites heal very quickly with new bone.

Careful Observation to Avoid losing the implant

The most critical time after your Scottsdale Serenity Smiles dental implant surgery is the first three weeks. During this time, the tongue becomes very active and “plays” with the stitches or the dental implant healing abutment. We believe that during this critical time, the implant site should be observed for either pre-mature exposure of the implant or loosening of the healing abutment and food jammed around it, because both of these issues can cause faulty implant healing. When a healing abutment is placed, firm tissue should develop around it. Dealing with inflammation, premature exposure, deep pockets around the implant, and premature opening of the surgical area early on can maximize implant success.

The right healing time matters – Scottsdale Serenity Smiles implants

In the dental profession, there is no consensus among experts as to how long an implant should be left in the jaw to heal. It Is estimated that an implant should be left to heal and Osseointegrate (become one with the jaw to where the crown and denture can be loaded on and used)  from anywhere between six weeks to six months. That is quite a discrepancy. These healing times are based more on individual observation rather than evidence-based analysis.

Healing time for implants (before they can be used) should be based on individual patients. Quality of the bone being either hard or soft (as one of the factors) should determine when the practitioner should utilize the implant to place a crown.  Implants stably placed in harder bone, that usually heal undisturbed faster, can be uncovered and used sooner. Sometimes in as little as six weeks from the dental implant placement. If the patient’s risk factors, such as diabetes or advanced age, cause the implant to heal slower, the implant should heal for more than 12 weeks before being uncovered or loaded. If the patient had an extraction, and extensive bone grafting was done while the implant healed, the dental  implant should wait a little longer in the bone.

The Digital Scan that is more accurate

Instead of using rubber or alginate impressions that cause discomfort and gagging, or metallic trays; dentists should utilize three dimensional scans with the newest CAD CAM technology.The advantages include:

  • No distortion of material or impression due to saliva or movement of tongue and cheek.
  • No loss or distortion of impression during shipping and handling.
  • Faster model-free CAD CAM printed crowns and abutments.
  • Easier and more accurate installation of the final work in the mouth.

The custom abutments that are stronger, and include a lifetime warranty

Instead of using the stock and prefabricated abutments that most implant manufacturers offer, the most accurate way to secure biologically compatible crowns and dentures in the workflow is to use custom abutments. Custom abutments are fabricated by 3D printing and perfectly adapt to the profile of the gums, so that when the crowns are placed on top of them, they are sitting right at the gum level. If a dentist fails to put the crown at the right level, either too much of the metal shows through, or the gum recedes from having the crown too far into the gum. Custom abutments come in many different hues – from white to gold and traditional titanium. The right custom abutment can make the biggest difference in the support of the crown itself.

Crowns that look natural – Scottsdale Serenity Smiles dental implants

There are multiple abundant materials that crowns can be made of. Our team carefully matches every patient’s biomechanics to the materials and esthetic demands of the treatment. Zirconia Crowns are utilized for most of the applications where a perfect balance of strength and natural luster is needed.  Originally intended to be used in people who have a heavier bite or grind their teeth, we found a great application in full arch one piece product supported on implants. When he fabricates special pre-fused screw, retained crowns don’t require any cementation of crown to abutment. Esthetic emax or full porcelain crowns are utilized for most applications that require perfect shade match. Many of the best smile makeovers are fabricated this way. If a crown needs matching to the side teeth with respect to shade, this is the product that is mostly prescribed. Porcelain fused to obsidian metal is an innovative material made of many elemental oxides, and increases the strength of all-ceramic restorations.  This revolutionary material is utilized by our office in order to fabricate lifelike restorations for the most discerning patient, and fits within our all-digital workflow.

Highly accurate dentures that can be used as intended 

Our complete digital workflow eliminates most problems that come with full complete dentures. When detail matters, when fit matters, and when getting the product which provides the best possible results, we use a combination of patient factors, technology, and lab expertise. For implant supported dentures, a special Immediate denture technique is used through extensive measurements that enables us to use science, and our experience, to fabricate the best fitting prostheses.  For removable attached dentures that can be used like natural teeth until we simplify the denture process to four simple visits:

  • A digital scan without impressions which includes dimensions and teeth selection

  • A stop trial fit and presentation

  • Denture delivery along with implant placement

  • Denture attachment after implant healing.

For “All on Four/Five” or “Teeth in a Day” implants: The most advanced workflow utilizing a chair side certified lab tech who controls finest aspects of immediate placement and immediate load of the implants is used. In a nutshell, you get many experts – the Implantologist and a highly trained lab technician in the room working on the case together.

For more information regarding Scottsdale Serenity Smiles implants, contact our office today or schedule an appointment.