Brushing is the ideal method of dental care. But do you know how often you should brush your teeth? In this post, we will discuss how often you should brush and do it properly.

How Often Should I Brush My Teeth?

Dentists recommend brushing our teeth at least twice a day. If you forget it, you should brush as soon as you remember.

Those who are wearing braces should brush after each meal. This is to remove stuck food on the brackets and prevent canker sores.

Can You Brush Your Teeth Too Mu?

As much as brushing is good for your dental health, overdoing it can adversely affect your teeth.

First, excessive brushing can wear down your teeth’ enamel. This is the outer layer, which makes your teeth appear whiter. When this layer gets stripped, you’ll notice your teeth looking yellowish or faded.

Moreover, it’s best to let a professional check your teeth twice a year. It’s important to visit your hygienist or dentist so that they can perform regular or deep teeth cleanings as necessary.

Tips for Remembering to Brush

Many of us have forgotten to brush our teeth at least once. If you keep on forgetting, the following tips will help:

  1. Set a timer. It’s very helpful to set a repeating timer that will remind you to brush your teeth. Over time, you’ll get used to the routine and won’t need the timer anymore.
  2. Make it a habit. You’ll not forget brushing if it’s integrated as a part of your regular grooming routines. For example, you should brush right after showering in the morning and after dinner.
  3. Post a note. It will also help post a note in your bathroom to remind yourself of brushing. You can also place the note on a spot where you can easily see it.

Tips for Proper Tooth Brushing

To make sure that you’re cleaning your teeth properly, you should keep these points in mind on your next brushing:

  • Choose the right toothbrush. You should match the size of the brush head to the size of your mouth. Consider getting soft-bristled brushes since it cleans better and doesn’t wear the teeth down than hard ones.
  • Harder isn’t always better. One of the most common mistakes is brushing your teeth too hard. Scrubbing too hard will ruin your teeth’ enamel. Remember, your teeth aren’t grout on a bathroom tile. Go easy and aim for a massaging motion.
  • Don’t rush it. Tooth brushing should be done at least two minutes each time. This is enough time to brush the teeth and the back of the mouth. Hot tip: your brushing should be as long as your favorite pop song.
  • Don’t forget the gum line. Aside from your teeth, it’s also crucial to brush your gum line. Holding the brush head at 45 degrees will allow the bristles to penetrate the gum line properly.

Schedule Your Next Visit with Our Dentists in Scottsdale

Brushing your teeth twice daily is crucial to maintaining healthy oral care. Still, it’s not just about the frequency. You should also practice proper brushing habits to prevent the formation of plaque. Visiting your dentist periodically is also important, so contact Serenity Smiles to book your next dental appointment in Scottsdale, AZ.

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