• Wonderful experience, very calming environment

    ~ Newt G

  • The entire staff is absolutely amazing and comfortable to talk to!

    ~ Kristen T

  • They gave my fiance her beautiful smile back!

    ~ Steven B

  • A proclamation of pure mastery in cosmetic dentistry

    ~ Shana L

Vicky Fernandez

Serenity Smiles Dentistry of Scottsdale

I love dentistry! I chose this career because I always felt passionate to help others and I love to study the human body, especially oral physiology, so I can help keep healthy smiles and provide a stress-free dental experience. Dentistry has been my career for 8 years now. Originally, I was a dentist in Mexico, specializing in root canals for the past year. I recently got married and moved to the United States, finding the best opportunity with Serenity Smiles. Now, I am working with the best team ever. I am still learning and improving everyday, doing what I love to do, and looking forward to renewing my license here so I can work as a dentist.

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