Scottsdale Dentist: 5 Celebrities Who Fought Oral Cancer

  1. Babe Ruth: Just before retirement from the National Baseball League, Babe Ruth was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal carcinoma, which is a growth on the upper part of his nose. Heavy tobacco use, geographic location, genetics and environmental factors contributed to Babe’s condition.
  2. Eddie Van Halen: Around 2000, Eddie experienced cancer symptoms in his mouth. 1/3rd of his tongue had to be removed, but as of 2011, he has been cancer free!
  3. Rod Stewart: Despite being in great shape, this famous rock/pop star found a lump in his thyroid gland. Luckily, early detection helped Rod stay cancer free.
  4. Catherine Bell: Actress in well known “Army Wives,” she is a successful cancer survivor. A thyroidectomy saved her from a cancerous lump in her neck. Today, she lands several roles and is cancer free!
  5. Hill Harper: Known for CSI: NY, this star was diagnosed, but tries to make a difference by it. One day, Hill woke with inability to swallow, ultimately having to remove his whole thyroid. Since then, he has become a public advocate for cancer.