Home Whitening Kits Might not be Right for You: Scottsdale Dentist

Home whitening kits are a popular option for restoring a vibrant, healthy shine to discolored teeth. DIY whitening kits are generally safe and tend to live up to their packaging claims.

However, a home whitening kit might not be the best option for your smile. Here are 4 reasons why DIY whitening might not be right for you.

  1. You’re in your teen years or early after them.
    The immature enamel of younger teens’ permanent teeth is still developing and can be vulnerable to damage by any whitening treatment. If you are unsure of if your teeth are mature enough for whitening, always ask!
  2. You tend to not follow instructions.
    If you find that it’s difficult for you to follow instructions step-by-step, you may run into trouble with DIY whitening. If the instructions are followed carefully, DIY home whitening kits are safe. If you misuse them or use them excessively, as one 13-year old boy was reported to have done, you could permanently damage and erode your teeth’s protective enamel.
  3. Your teeth need dental work beyond whitening.
    Tooth whitening can’t fix everything about your smile if there is other work that needs to be done. Though whitening is attractive, it is not the only solution for an attractive smile. It’s always better to have issues like gum disease or dental chips or cracks addressed first BEFORE whitening. And, if your tooth discoloration is actually from inside your tooth, a whitening kit will not help the issue — whitening treatment is only meant for the external enamel of teeth. To whiten the inside of a tooth, you’ll need internal (or intrinsic) tooth staining, a special dental procedure.
  4. You want to control the “whiteness” effect.
    Home kits don’t have the varying levels of whiteness and cannot be controlled at home. Only in a clinical setting can you actually choose how white you want your teeth to appear! Receiving whitening treatments from your dentist will help you achieve better results than any DIY kits due to the quality of bleaching agent and the results that can be achieved. Your Scottsdale dentist is trained in techniques that can vary the amount of bleaching, from a softer white to dazzling “Hollywood” bright. Plus, fewer treatments are needed to achieve your desired level of whiteness.

If you’re interested in teeth whitening, visit your dentist first before purchasing a DIY kit. You may find that the office has great treatment options for you – or that DIY treatment may hinder your results. Even if you do it yourself, your dentist can give you buying advice for whitening kits, as well as tips for use.

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