Dental Technology – Making Dentistry Easier: Scottsdale Dentist

The science of lasers has changed dentistry forever, giving patients easier and better experiences when visiting the dentist. Also, dental technology is making dentistry easier for everyone! When you visit your dentist, you most likely will see new technologies that make dentistry less messy, time consuming, and more fun!

Panoramic 3D images are used to see your entire smile and skull anatomy in one image! Because of this powerful image, your dentist requires less X-Rays overall to diagnose and treat your dental needs, exposing you to less radiation.

Have you ever had an impression taken at your dental office? Was it messy and gooey? Now, dental offices are ditching the goop and using 3D scanning technology! With new digital scanning, dentists can quickly “scan” your mouth to make the perfect crown, bridge, night guard, and more. Best of all, your dentist might have the technology to 3D print your crown, bridge, or night guard right in office!

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Dental professionals are working hard to make your experience as painless, quick, and comfortable as possible. New technology, such as 3D scanning, changes how dentistry is performed and makes your visit enjoyable! Check out our website to see what other technology we offer to you:!