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Serenity Smiles Dentistry for Seniors

As your body changes so does your mouth. It requires special attention from a dentist who knows these changes, to treat your mouth right.  Not only is your chewing affected, but the way your mouth produces saliva, and the way your jaws move.

Age Related Tooth Sensitivity

We know what happens to aging gums and teeth. Aging can make gums recede.Sensitive root material is more sensitive to cold and abrasion. Periodontal problems are also very prevalent. 

Dry mouth can also cause root cavities, leading to increased tooth sensitivity.​ An aging mouth, with the addition of medications many seniors take, dries up the glands and makes teeth more prone to decay.  Other treatments some seniors receive, such as radiation and chemo, can also damage gums and teeth.

We have researched and developed techniques to protect root surfaces and make them less sensitive.  We also has the ability to fabricate new, enamel like coverings around your teeth to make them fortified and protected.

Dentures and Embarrassment

Are you ashamed when you are with your loved one? Afraid to smile? Do you have to cut up food into smaller pieces?  Are you avoiding social situations? Do you have to hide your teeth in family pictures? 

Dentures were invented more than 200 years ago.  In this day and age, nobody should have to go through loose dentures, and clicking teeth.  As long as you have bone left in your jaws, dentures can be secured as well as teeth in your mouth.

Bone dissolves away simply by not having teeth in the bones anymore. Dental Implants not only save bone, but they also help you chew better and have more confidence. The cost and treatment time for Dental Implants have significantly reduced.

Dental Implants add to your health by giving you a chance to eat nutritious foods and enjoy your time with your loved ones. They help restore and rehabilitate your smile, lips and face.  Properly made implant dentures also reduce wrinkles around the mouth.

We have enormous experience in Dental Implants. Let us help you start on a new course with secure teeth!

Changing Body and Needs

As you age, so does your heart, lungs, jaws, muscles, memory, comprehension, hearing, vision and circulatory system.

We understand what it takes to learn medical history and navigate through any number of medications that older individuals take.  We study those medications and make sure that they will not interact with any of the compounds or chemicals used in our dentistry or sedation procedures.

Additionally, we start frank and open dialogues with your medical doctors to learn about specific conditions.  We know how to manage a person suffering from diabetes, heart disease, COPD, cancer, thyroid, breathing problems and so on.  We have studied up on every condition that affects older individuals and works really hard at achieving a safe result.

Moreover, we know what kind of anxiety and depression older individuals can carry.  We have every equipment available  – to make your treatment as safe and productive as possible.  Our chairs are ultra plush leather, especially built for older individuals.  All of our rooms are quiet and pleasant. Our staff is especially trained to treat seniors, and help you look young and feel great.

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