• Wonderful experience, very calming environment

    ~ Newt G

  • The entire staff is absolutely amazing and comfortable to talk to!

    ~ Kristen T

  • They gave my fiance her beautiful smile back!

    ~ Steven B

  • A proclamation of pure mastery in cosmetic dentistry

    ~ Shana L

Melissa Meder

Serenity Smiles Dentistry of Scottsdale

I’m a Registered Dental Hygienist and Serenity Smiles. Since 2001, I’ve been practicing and taking pleasure in unique, customized patient care that gives every one of my patients a clean, beautiful, radiant smile. I graduated in Dental Hygiene from Pima Community College in Tucson, Arizona. I have loved practicing my job since. I could not imagine being a hygienist without being totally committed in my job everyday. One of my strongest motivations for being a dental hygienist is knowing that everyday I am making a positive impact on the world, one person at a time. Not a day goes by on the job that I do not feel like I helped someone.

I feel like I’m making a difference. When I entered dental hygiene, I knew I found my niche. I immediately felt a great sense of satisfaction knowing I was helping keep my patients smile for a lifetime. I was hooked for life. Here at Serenity Smiles, when we do exams, we do not miss a thing, and that is my promise as your dental hygienist. Dr. Kaushesh and Dr. Cicero’s vision is to create the highest quality of work and I couldn’t agree more. Here at Serenity Smiles, this isn’t a job for me, but a passion.

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