• Wonderful experience, very calming environment

    ~ Newt G

  • The entire staff is absolutely amazing and comfortable to talk to!

    ~ Kristen T

  • They gave my fiance her beautiful smile back!

    ~ Steven B

  • A proclamation of pure mastery in cosmetic dentistry

    ~ Shana L

Joanne Cummings

Serenity Smiles Dentistry of Scottsdale

I’m the Lead Dental Assistant and Serenity Smiles. I love smiles. In fact, it’s the first thing I notice about someone! I first heard of dental assisting through my high school newspaper. Later that day, I started to explore the opportunity. I grew up in Alabama and I moved to Arizona during high school. I learned to be a dental assistant by working and training on the job. I had to wait until I was 18 to take my X-Ray certification exam because I was so young. I continued to strive in dentistry and pushed myself to take the national certification for dental assisting in 2014–I passed the first try!

Currently I have taken the first part of certification for restorative function dental assisting and I anticipate completing the remainder in August this year. I have always loved dentistry. I was given the opportunity to work for the Army dental clinic in Texas and Germany when my husband was active duty. We then moved back to Phoenix in 1991 and I haven’t left since. I love Serenity Smiles because we are not only focused on providing expert dental services you require, but also focused on making your experience with us as smooth and easy as possible. All of us here at Serenity Smiles look forward to meeting you and taking care of your dental needs!