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How often do I need to have my teeth cleaned?

We perform a few types of teeth cleanings at Serenity Smiles in Scottsdale, AZ; dental prophylaxis (prophy), deep cleaning, and periodontal maintenance.

Prophylaxis Dental Cleaning

Our dentists and hygienists recommend prophy (preventive) cleanings every six months for patients who don’t have gum disease. With a prophy cleaning, your hygienist uses a specialized instrument to remove plaque and tartar from the fronts, backs, and sides of your teeth.

Deep Cleaning: Scaling and Root Planing

Also called deep cleaning, scaling and root planing, is recommended for patients who have gum disease. It involves cleaning plaque and tartar from tooth and root surfaces to remove bacteria and reduce gum inflammation. Root planing smoothes tooth roots to help gums reattach more easily to the teeth.

Periodontal Maintenance Cleanings

If you have gum disease treatment, your hygienist will recommend ongoing periodontal maintenance cleanings. Periodontal maintenance is performed more frequently than other cleanings to prevent the progression of gum disease. Patients with gum disease typically have four periodontal maintenance cleanings four times a year.

Schedule Your Next Teeth Cleaning in Scottsdale, AZ

If it has been a while since your last teeth cleaning, and you’re unsure which type is right for you, please contact our Scottsdale dental office. Our hygienist will be happy to evaluate your gum health and see how we can help you preserve it.

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