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Why do my teeth keep breaking?

Even though your teeth are extremely strong, if they are worn and brittle, they are more prone to chipping and cracking. There are several factors that contribute to the breakdown of a tooth’s structure:

Poor Oral Care

Our mouths are home to millions of bacteria, some good and some bad. You can get rid of many harmful bacteria by brushing and flossing diligently and visiting your dentist for teeth cleanings every six months. 

Poor oral hygiene creates conditions in your mouth that expose your teeth to acid attacks that gradually dissolve tooth enamel. This ultimately leads to tooth decay, and both can weaken your teeth over time.

Teeth Grinding and Bruxism

Teeth grinding or bruxism is a common problem directly linked to weak and broken teeth. Whether you grind your teeth at night or throughout the day, the consistent excessive force takes a toll on your tooth’s structure. Over time, your teeth weaken and become more prone to breakage. 

The Aging Process

It’s understandable that teeth can weaken with age, considering the years of wear and tear they are exposed to. Often, other factors contribute to breaking teeth, such as decay and repeated dental procedures. 

Treat Broken Teeth with Dental Crowns in Scottsdale

If you have broken or cracked teeth or teeth that are worn and weakened from teeth grinding and TMJ problems, dental crowns may be the solution. A crown covers the entire tooth to protect it and creates a new chewing surface to restore function.

At Serenity Smiles, we can determine the underlying cause for teeth that break and customize a solution. We are pleased to serve patients in Scottsdale and the greater Phoenix area and would be happy to help you. Please call us to schedule an appointment to get started.

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