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Do I need a night guard?

When you have a teeth-grinding habit—also called bruxism—your teeth are regularly subjected to significant biting force. Common symptoms that you grind your teeth during sleep are headaches, neck, jaw, and shoulder pain, and excessive tooth wear or breakage. 

Teeth grinding most often occurs during sleep and can also be related to sleep apnea or OSA. Fortunately, once your dentist accurately diagnoses teeth grinding, the solution is often as simple as a protective night guard. 

How a Custom Night Guard Works

A night guard is a custom-made appliance worn over your teeth as a protective barrier. With a night guard in place, your upper and lower jaw can’t come into direct contact, which minimizes the stress and damage to your teeth. A nightguard also gives your jaw joint (TMJ) some time to rest and recover during sleep, which can relieve painful daytime symptoms. 

At Serenity Smiles, we take digital impressions of the teeth to customize nightguards that fit comfortably and protect your teeth against teeth-grinding damage. 

Custom Night Guards for Teeth Grinding in Scottsdale

If you experience symptoms like a sore jaw, headaches, or neck and shoulder pain when you wake up, a custom night guard at our Scottsdale, AZ dental office can help. Call Serenity Smiles to schedule an appointment so we can help relieve your discomfort and protect your smile.

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