Gum Disease – What You Need to Know: Scottsdale Dentist

Gum disease affects the tissues that surround your teeth. In adults, gum disease is a leading cause for losing teeth! It may be hard to tell if you have gum disease because it usually does not cause pain. Your dentist, hygienists, and assistants are all knowledgeable in the signs and symptoms and with regular check ups, you can avoid gum disease.

Some problems can signal the presence of gum disease, including:

  • bleeding gums
  • red, swollen, and/or tender gums
  • consistent bad breath or taste
  • loose permanent teeth
  • bite changes
  • change in the way your partial dentures fit

The risk of developing gum disease can increase with some factors:

  • inconsistent oral hygiene or poor oral hygiene
  • smoking and tobacco product use
  • certain medication use
  • diabetes
  • crooked teeth that are hard to clean effectively
  • pregnancy

The early stage of gum disease is called gingivitis, which usually includes symptoms of red, swollen, and bleeding gums. Luckily, gingivitis is reversible in most cases! Receiving a deep cleaning from your dental hygienist can help you regain a healthy mouth, followed by daily brushing and flossing.

Periodontitis is the diagnosis for advanced gum disease. Over 45% of adults in the United States suffer with chronic periodontitis. Consequently, the tissues and bone are both affected over time.The most destructive form of gum disease is aggressive periodontitis and causes rapid loss of both bone and tissues and could occur in the entire mouth.

Researchers and doctors are starting to link systemic diseases (such as heart disease) to periodontal disease. it is important to schedule regular dental check ups and cleanings. Outside of the dental office, great oral hygiene helps maintain your natural smile for a lifetime!

Oral Health Check and Living Longer: Scottsdale Dentist

Living our best years possible is what everyone wants. Believe it or not, oral health can positively impact your aging process.

Regularly visiting the dentist can make your life longer, happier, and more enjoyable. The mouth needs as much care as the heart, lungs, and brain.

Research shows that taking care of your mouth has several benefits: less toxicity and inflammation throughout the body and heart, resistance to dementia, and more.

Visiting your dentist regularly will improve your life and simply keep you healthier for years of enjoyment to come.

Contact us today to schedule a check up for dental health, oral health, and more.

Night Clenching & Grinding Treatment: Scottsdale Dentist

If you grind your teeth at night, it is important for your dentist make a night guard for you to preserve your smile! Over time, nighttime grinding is destructive and may even leave you in pain during the day.

Since teeth grinding occurs while you’re asleep and not in control, the best solution is to wear a night guard for protection.

Serenity Smiles is happy to make you a night guard and it will be made to fit you. Night guards are comfortable and easy to use! Our night guards are made of a soft plastic material, BPA free and FDA approved. Your night guard will take little time to get used to and will also serve as a retainer.

It is important to use a night guard to prevent the damage that nighttime clenching and grinding can do to your beautiful smile.

Make an appointment to get your custom-made night guard today!

What is Laser Dentistry: Scottsdale Dentist

What is Laser Dentistry?

Lasers in dentistry works by using energy in the form of light and can give several benefits to patients. Lasers can:

  •  remove the decay and prepare teeth for a filling. 
  • reshape gums and remove bacteria when receiving a root canal. 
  • cut pain free for a biopsy and relieve canker sore pain. 
  • whiten teeth quicker than alternative methods.

Laser use rather than a dental drill may

  • reduce numbing needed for your procedure
  • lower anxiety that a patient may have with drilling
  • reduce bleeding, swelling, and more!

There are several more applications of lasers that dentists are happy to provide.

  • In hard tissues, lasers are cavity detectors, providing early detection of small cavities. Lasers can also seal the tubules at the root of teeth, which helps remove sensitive feelings.
  • In soft tissues, lasers lengthen the look of teeth and eliminate “gummy” looking smiles. Also, lasers are used for frenulas (“tongue-tied” children) and patients with speech problems. 

Laser dentistry is helpful in various treatments for patients. Call us today at Serenity Smiles if you are interested in incorporating laser dentistry into your custom treatment!

Dental Floss or Water Flosser: Scottsdale Dentist

Dental floss and water flossing are both effective ways to clean the spaces between your teeth that a toothbrush can’t reach. Dental floss is guided by your fingers to reach between teeth and under the gums. Guiding dental floss to make a “C” shape (like a hug) around the sides of your teeth is the best technique for effective cleaning.

A water flosser is a powered flossing device that uses water pressure to clean the spaces between teeth and under the gums. A water flosser has an easy-to-handle head, making it a breeze to use for an effective cleaning.

There are pros and cons to each type of flossing method, but the most important habit to keep would be daily flossing, however you find it easiest.

Dental Floss Pros

  • Can travel anywhere with floss!
  • Inexpensive and convenient to find
  • Different thickness and types for your comfort

Dental Floss Cons

  • May be hard to use effectively
  • May be hard to reach between some teeth in the back of the mouth
  • May “pop” between your teeth

Water Flosser Pros

  • Comes with different speeds for sensitivity
  • Can mix water with mouthwash for a fresh feeling
  • Can work in a specific area for as long as needed – such as a deep pocket

Water Flosser Cons

  • Not as easy to travel with
  • May cause sensitivity in the gums due to water pressure
  • May cause gum recession if improperly used

Invisalign Treatment for Straightening Your Smile: Scottsdale Dentist

If you’re looking to avoid traditional metal braces, Invisalign may be a perfect option to help straighten and align your smile. Invisalign braces are clear aligners that ditch the metal and use a clear, safe, thermoplastic called SmartTrack, which is FDA-approved. It does not contain BPA, BPS, latex, or gluten. Also, Invisalign is a removable upper and lower appliance.

It is much safer to see a trained dentist or orthodontist when choosing Invisalign because they are able to ensure that you get a personalized treatment plan that is customized for you by a professional. Depending on how much alignment your teeth require, time spent using Invisalign daily varies. Sometimes, patients only need Invisalign treatment for 6 months!

Invisalign works by taking digital impressions of your dental anatomy with each scheduled visit – which shows dentists or orthodontists the next step to further your alignment. You most likely will receive a new clear appliance with each visit that adjusts with your adjusting smile.

There are many reasons that Invisalign may be right for your treatment, such as:

  • Clear and Invisible appearance
  • Ability to clean your aligners effectively outside of the mouth
  • Easily removable for eating/drinking
  • Comfortable thermoplastic material instead of metal that may cut the lips/gums
  • 3D impressions – no gooey material!
  • Invisalign Providers all go through certification
  • Compliance Indicators – show if you’re wearing your aligner enough!

Contact us today for a consultation to see if Invisalign is your treatment of choice for a beautifully aligned smile! 

The Ages of Dentistry: Scottsdale Dentist

Just as with all medicine, dentistry is an ever-evolving field. At our dental office in Scottsdale, we’re constantly updating technology and improving our knowledge to better serve our patients just like you.

But imagine if you lived 200 hundred years ago. What was dentistry like then? How about during the middle ages? Would the dentists of those times have been able to replace your lost tooth? Would they have been able to fill a cavity? What would they have recommended you do for a toothache?

Let’s take a look!

Dentistry in the middle ages:

For the common folk, dentistry consisted mostly of self-care and occasional visits to practitioners or barber surgeons who treated a toothache by pulling the offending tooth and suggesting things like kissing a donkey to cure the toothache. It also wasn’t unheard of to recommend concocting a mixture of newts, lizards, and beetles into a powder and applying it to the painful tooth throughout the day.  Could you imagine?

The truth is, in spite of inconsistent professional care, most medieval commoners had clean, white teeth. Why? And how? Their diets were similar to what a modern dentist would recommend for a healthy mouth. That being, one very low in sugar and refined flours and high in calcium.  They also used all kinds of fairly effective tooth cleaners and mouth rinses, including a paste made from crushed peppermint and rock salt.

Looking at Dentistry in the 19th Century:

Dentistry didn’t begin to resemble what we think of as dentistry today until the early 18th century, and by the 19th century, dentistry began to seem pretty modern. European surgeons had begun experimenting with implanting teeth; dentures were being created out of both human teeth, the teeth of animals, and porcelain; and nitrous oxide, the same laughing gas we sometimes use today, was introduced by Humphry Davy around 1800. In 1840, the Baltimore College of Dentistry, the first dental college, was founded by Chapin Harris and Horace Hayden. It was the first step into dentistry as we know it today.

Our Dentistry Today:

At our Scottsdale dental office, we’ve continued to adapt and improve our services as the advancements in dental care improve. We always ensure the utmost in comfort, technology, and service. To schedule an appointment and experience the difference, give us a call today!

Welcoming patients from Scottsdale, Phoenix, Paradise Valley and Fountain Hills.

The Battles of Bruxism While You Sleep The Nightly Grind: Scottsdale Dentist

As the new year approaches, so can major stress. Dentists often see more patients in these high-stress times more than ever. Why? Well because, Bruxism.

Now you’re probably wondering- “What is Bruxism?”

Bruxism is just a fancy word for clenching and grinding of teeth. And if you have a tendency to clench, you do it more in times of stress. Of course, there are other reasons people clench and grind, but stress is a huge one. If your stress is off the charts, call Scottsdale Serenity Smiles dental office. You may just want a nightguard to protect your teeth!
Do I Really Grind my Teeth?

Many people who grind and clench their teeth don’t realize that they do it. Often it takes a broken tooth, an observer, or a dentist to realize it is happening.
If you notice any of these symptoms, you may be suffering from bruxism:

  • Worn, chipped, broken teeth
  • Exposure of tooth layers and loss of enamel
  • Flattened tooth surfaces
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Damaged mouth tissue
  • Jaw pain
  • Headache and facial pain
  • Earache from jaw muscle tension and contraction
  • A scalloped tongue or irregular tongue edges

Now What Causes Tooth Grinding and Clenching?

We have already mentioned stress, but there are other things that could compound your risk or cause tooth grinding and clenching even if you are a super-relaxed person.

These causes include:

  • Sleep disorders
  • Acid reflux
  • Stress, tension, or anxiety
  • Misaligned jaw or poor bite alignment
  • As a side effect of some medications

What Can I do to Protect my Teeth?

At our dental office Serenity Smiles in Scottsdale, we want to help protect your smile. We offer comfortable, custom-fitted mouthguards to ease the pain of clenching and grinding and keep your teeth – and your precious restorations – strong and intact. Give us a call today and find relief!

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