Scottsdale Dentist: Smile Zone Implants

Dental implants have rapidly grown in popularity for the restoration of choice. Dental implants are a clear choice because they 1. restore the function of missing teeth seamlessly and 2. rejuvenate the smile with a natural appearance.

Making the final dental implant product look life-like is not a simple process, however. A lot of time and planning goes into each implant, especially when they reside in the “Smile Zone.” The “Smile Zone” is the upper front area of your mouth that is displayed when you smile.

The number one concern of placing a dental implant is determining if there is ample bone in the area to anchor a dental implant. Bone is a living tissue that can encounter resorption (dissolving) and growth. Normal daily use of your teeth, like when biting and chewing, stimulate growth and maintenance to your bone. When the teeth are missing, bone in these areas is no longer stimulated and resorbs. This could result in an aging effect to your appearance.

Although creating a natural, life-like appearance in the Smile Zone is difficult, it’s not impossible. It’s important first to undergo a complete dental examination and profile, where we can advise you on your best options to achieve a beautiful smile.

Though “Smile Zone” dental implants are complicated, our doctors take all efforts in technology, planning, and communication to ensure that your dental implants are natural and durable.



Scottsdale Dentist: 3 Reasons Why Smoking Doesn’t Mix With Dental Implants

If you smoke, you know better than someone who doesn’t on how hard it is to quit. Usually, when you want to quit, it helps to have a motivation, such as lowering your risk for health problems like cancer or cardiovascular disease.

In the eyes of a dentist, another reason for quitting tobacco is this: it could be negatively impacting your teeth and making your gums unhealthy. Also, once you visit the dentist, restorations like dental implants are a harder process and may fail.

So for your motivation, here’s 3 reasons why smoking doesn’t mix with dental implants.

Smoke damages tissues. It may not feel like it, however, the smoke from smoking is hot enough to burn the outermost layer of skin cells in your mouth. With each burn, this thickens the cells. Over time, this may affect your salivary glands and how much saliva you’re able to produce. Less saliva production can create a chain of events that increases the risk of tooth decay or periodontal (gum) disease. With these kind of events in the mouth, bone loss could be an end result, making it hard to even place dental implants.

Nicotine restricts blood flow. Nicotine is what people who smoke crave. Nicotine can cause a restriction in the blood flow of tiny vessels throughout the mouth membranes and gums. When there is less blood flow through tissues such as these, they may not be able to fight infections or heal like normal, due to lack of antibodies. Considering this, the integration of bone and dental implants may not exist, which is needed for a durable hold. Also, slower healing and higher infection rates are higher with nicotine use.

Smoking is correlated to other diseases that also impact oral health. Smoking has not only direct effects on the mouth, but also can increase the risk of systemic conditions like cardiovascular and lung disease, and cancer. All of these conditions may also trigger inflammation, which has been shown through several studies to affect teeth, gums and underlying bone work against your chances of long-term success with implants.

Want to know more about dental implants? Call us today or book a consultation. Another great article for this topic can be found in the Dear Doctor magazine article “Dental Implants & Smoking: What are the Risks?

Scottsdale Dentist: Forensics and Dentistry

Did you know that teeth play a huge role in modern forensics? Just like fingerprints, no bite is alike, not even in identical twins. Ondontology is the study of teeth for investigation.

Not only can teeth identify a suspect, they can also be used to learn more about the past. Teeth are one of the most preserved “fossils” we have and scientists have found teeth that are 160,000 years old!

Just like choosing esthetics of your teeth for a smile makeover, those small differences exist among everyone’s teeth naturally. Terms like, cusp shape, crown length, crown shape, golden proportion ratio, and so on, are used to identify the traits of teeth.

According to news articles, famous cases and tragedies have been solved using teeth. For example, Adolf Hitler’s body was properly identified by his teeth. Also, in the famous cases of Ted Bundy, bite marks were a crucial deciding factor in if he was guilty or not guilty of a crime. Lastly, family members were able to be identified on 9/11, helping bring closure to those who were missing loved ones.

Want to know more? Read this link about some historical cases where ondontology was used.

Scottsdale Dentist: How to Properly Floss

In a great daily dental routine, you should include the act of flossing to fully cleanse and combat bacteria from causing tooth decay. Our dental hygienist, Melissa, has a great explanation on how to floss properly. Flossing does require technique, so here are three quick tips to help your flossing experience be efficient and effective.

  1. Regardless of what type of floss you’re using – single use picks, traditional floss, or a water flosser, always be conscious of where your floss or device is. The goal of flossing is to reach areas that your toothbrush cannot – in between teeth, behind teeth, and any spaces that could harbor food debris or bacteria.
  2. Proper flossing consists of a “hugging” motion, not an “up-and-down” motion. When you’re flossing, only focusing the motion upwards and downwards may miss over 50% of the food/bacteria that you’re trying to reach. When in between two teeth, try to focus on each tooth that you’re in between. For example, give each side of the teeth you’re in between a hug with the floss. (This means paying attention to the frontal side of one tooth and the back of another individually). By “hugging” one tooth at a time, like a “c” motion along it’s contacts, you will maximize your efficiency in flossing, effectively cleaning between your teeth.
  3. Try to make it a habit! Flossing is best when you do it more than once every once in a while. Immediate perks would be the look of a fresher, whiter smile over time.


Scottsdale Dentist: Flossquick Review

Do you have trouble flossing daily? A new company, called FlossQuick, is trying to help dental home care become easier and faster. Their website is:

The concept of FlossQuick is stellar. We’re impressed that someone came up with an all in one method for flossing teeth. The goal is also admirable – to help more people floss daily.

As we recommend flossing daily, if FlossQuick is the way to make it happen for you, then we are stoked for your new, enhanced home care!

How does it work? FlossQuick is just like a DIY kit for dentistry that you might see with Smile Direct Club. You have the opportunity to take your own impressions at home, send them in to their facility, and pre-threaded, custom floss trays are sent back. After a few uses, you need to re-thread your flosser trays to keep them clean and ready for use.

Who can benefit from Flossquick? Flossquick is perfect for on-the-go people, as well as people who are not fond of flossing in traditional ways. The concept behind FlossQuick allows people to quickly floss all margins of their mouth with one use of the flossing tray per arch.

What do we recommend? Your Scottsdale dentist recommends that you partake in daily flossing. The importance in adding flossing to a daily routine can be read in our blog:

Scottsdale Dentist: A Peak at our Supplier

All dental offices have a village of great people that work together to make sure that everything in the office is ready – whether its hiring dentists, cleaning the facility on weekends, or even down to the products we use for your treatment. At our Scottsdale location, we trust Henry Schein for our equipment (dental chairs, vacuums, equipment maintenance) and our products (impression material, panoramic x-rays, cotton rolls). From our experience with Henry Schein, we’ve been able to invest in the best products for our patients, always being educated on the latest and greatest products in dentistry. Also, Henry Schein has impressed us with their professionalism, reliability, and great attitude!

Look at their website, if you’re interested on getting to know more about the supplies we use and trust at Serenity Smiles.

Scottsdale Dentist: Front Teeth “Stain” Fix

Do you have spots on your front teeth? Discoloration from previous braces or retainers? These little spots that may be a burden to you can actually be resolved quickly, in just one visit.

Depending on treatment options, your teeth may or may not have to be shaved by a drill to eliminate the discoloration. During the simplest procedure for removing discoloration, your Scottsdale dentist will apply “etch” which is an acid. The acid breaks down the enamel just enough to gently remove the spots so that your Scottsdale dentist can apply “bond.” The bond comes in many different colors to match your current tooth shade, instantly!

With minimal drilling of your teeth, etching and bonding on your teeth can quickly eliminate discoloration and make your smile look uniform and bright.

Scottsdale Dentist: Composite Vs. Amalgam Fillings

Fillings are one of the most common procedures to help remove decay on teeth and build teeth back up to their best health and strength. Dentistry has evolved over the years, offering two main material options for fillings: composite or amalgam. Composite filling material is composed of plastic and composite resin and amalgam fillings are composed of a metal mixture. Both materials are effective and safe in the mouth, unlike what you may have heard about amalgam fillings. The only adversity regarding amalgam material is that it is composed of mercury mixed with silver, tin, zinc, and copper, which when old and leaky, can present itself as a toxin to your body. However, when an existing amalgam filling is in good condition or a new amalgam filling is placed, they are safe and shouldn’t worry the patient. Composite fillings are more esthetic, matching tooth shades. Both options for fillings are sound and safety approved.

Scottsdale Dentist: Tooth Gems

Tooth gems are making a comeback as a trendy, blingy way to accessorize your smile. Originally a trend from Sweden, the United States are obsessed with it currently, with lots of celebrities backing the smile bedazzle. A tooth gem can last upwards of a year and can either be removed naturally with time or by your dentist.

Though these gems are eye-catching, they may come at a significantly higher cost than the little gem is actually worth. If your gem lasts a long time, your tooth may be at risk for needing treatment after it falls off! One story spread across media is a woman who’s gem lasted 5 years, leaving a whole in her tooth, resulting in her tooth needing a crown. Yes, she upgraded from a gem to a crown…..but her tooth was left worse than before the gem!

We recommend that if you get tooth gems, make sure to clean in the area you got it. It is important to clean around the gem to help reduce the amount of bacteria that invades underneath it. When you go for cleanings or checkups at your Scottsdale dentist, make sure to ask about your gem’s condition, as well as your tooth that is housing it!

Scottsdale Dentist: Best Selling Health Books

Health is always trending, so we’ve broken down the top best selling health books currently.

  1. The Defined Dish – This book is the bestseller for “gluten free” recipe books and is Whole 30 friendly. Author, Alex Snodgrass, published over 60 recipes that are gluten-free, dairy-free, and grain-free. This recipe book’s goal is to encourage a healthy diet that suits everyone’s taste.
  2. Unlimited Memory – Grandmaster Kevin Horsley helps readers to remember anything they want to – with very successful techniques. This book has been #1 in memory skill bestsellers and over 200,000 copies have been sold. If you’re looking to master concentration, recall, and productivity, this book may help you succeed in having a better-working brain.
  3. Maybe You Should Talk to Someone – Rated as an “irresistibly addictive tour of the human condition,” psychotherapist author, Lori Gottlieb, lets readers indulge in her life as a therapist. She eloquently breaks down what its like to be human, both as a clinician and a patient.

Let us know if you read these books, we will be!