• Wonderful experience, very calming environment

    ~ Newt G

  • The entire staff is absolutely amazing and comfortable to talk to!

    ~ Kristen T

  • They gave my fiance her beautiful smile back!

    ~ Steven B

  • A proclamation of pure mastery in cosmetic dentistry

    ~ Shana L

Carlos Peregrina

Serenity Smiles Dentistry of Scottsdale

I have been a dental assistant for over 10 years. I also am a Certified Spanish Interpreter. I have combined skills and strive for the best patient care possible. I am dedicated to helping provide a line of communication between people who would not have been able to understand one another. Over the years, I have learned that many people have a misconception about dentistry. I believe that working for Serenity Smiles helps me achieve the goal of helping people be more educated about the best dentistry there is. I know how important it is to provide an open line of communication where a patient will feel comfortable expressing their personal needs.

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