What is Laser Dentistry: Scottsdale Dentist

What is Laser Dentistry?

Lasers in dentistry works by using energy in the form of light and can give several benefits to patients. Lasers can:

  •  remove the decay and prepare teeth for a filling. 
  • reshape gums and remove bacteria when receiving a root canal. 
  • cut pain free for a biopsy and relieve canker sore pain. 
  • whiten teeth quicker than alternative methods.

Laser use rather than a dental drill may

  • reduce numbing needed for your procedure
  • lower anxiety that a patient may have with drilling
  • reduce bleeding, swelling, and more!

There are several more applications of lasers that dentists are happy to provide.

  • In hard tissues, lasers are cavity detectors, providing early detection of small cavities. Lasers can also seal the tubules at the root of teeth, which helps remove sensitive feelings.
  • In soft tissues, lasers lengthen the look of teeth and eliminate “gummy” looking smiles. Also, lasers are used for frenulas (“tongue-tied” children) and patients with speech problems. 

Laser dentistry is helpful in various treatments for patients. Call us today at Serenity Smiles if you are interested in incorporating laser dentistry into your custom treatment!