What Can Cosmetic Dental Procedures Do for You?

Depending on the current condition of teeth, you could experience these benefits of cosmetic dental procedures:

  • Improves your appearance. You are your smile, and once you do something to improve your smile, your appearance will also improve. With a brighter smile, you will look younger and healthier.
  • Boosts your self-confidence. When you look better on the outside, you will also feel better inside. You are more confident and braver to face the challenges that you will encounter.
  • Better opportunities for you. Whether you are on a blind date or a job hunt, a person’s appearance is detrimental in achieving success.
  • Prevents further dental damage. A dental treatment can help you address an issue before it gets worse.

The Various Cosmetic Dental Treatments

  • Under cosmetic dentistry, there are several procedures you can undergo depending on your dental problem. Generally, these are the most common cosmetic procedures:
  • Dental Veneers

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    • These are custom-made outer shells for your teeth. Veneers are used to cover the front and sides of your teeth if you want them all to look even and smooth. This procedure is popular among celebrities or models who want to hide those imperfect teeth.
  • Dental Crowns

    • Crowns are added protect a broken tooth. To look like your natural tooth, crowns are created in a lab, and glued on the top of the damaged tooth.
  • Braces

    • Orthodontic treatments, like dental braces, are corrective solutions to problems such as overcrowding and reducing gaps between teeth.
  • Implants

    • A permanent solution to a missing tooth. An artificial tooth is surgically attached to the jawbone.
  • Teeth Whitening

    • The teeth will lighten through the use of a bleaching agent. Usually, treatments are quick and take only one hour to finish.

For more information about cosmetic procedures, refer to Other Cosmetic Dental Procedures to Improve Your Smile (Part 1)

A customized cosmetic dental treatment

  • At Serenity Smiles, we provide a personalized experience because we believe that there is NO onesizefitsall approach to dental treatments.
  • All the dental procedures, at Serenity Smiles, begin with a plan. The rigorous process starts with our smile analysis, which is a thorough examination of your whole mouth. We will consider all the facial factors, such as teeth, gums, and jaw structure. After the analysis, that’s when we will recommend certain treatments to address the issues at hand.
  • If you have a specific dental treatment in mind, we will consider it after the examination by our skilled dentists at Serenity Smiles. We encourage you to ask questions, and be honest about the results you want to achieve so we can better understand your intended goals. Do not hesitate to ask us anything, and you can call about your concerns at 480-400-5000.

How much do I need to pay?

  • The cost will depend on the procedure, and if you decide to pay on your own, consider your current budget and the urgency of your treatment. You can ask the dentist to give you an overview of each cosmetic dental procedure.
  • Know what you are getting into, and compare prices from different dental clinics. For Serenity Smiles clients, it is easy to book an online appointment. You can have a thorough oral examination, x-ray, and cleaning for only $99. To know more, please call Serenity Smiles at 480-400-5000.
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