Scottsdale Dentist: Understanding the Importance of Pain-Free Dentistry

When going to the dentist, no one wants to experience pain or discomfort. Your dentists want you to know that anesthesia is beneficial to both you and them during your dental procedures. Why? With anesthesia administration, its reassuring to both yourself and the dentist that your dental work can be concentrated on in a very comfortable manner. In fact, local anesthesia has literally revolutionized pain control; it is one of the most effective tools in dentistry and medicine.

The word “anesthesia”  literally means without feeling or pain. “Local” is in reference to the site at which the anesthesia is used, in other words, where the numbing is needed. In topical or injectable application, local anesthesia significantly decreases the likelihood of feeling pain to virtually zero.

During simple teeth cleanings or other minimally invasive dental procedures, topical anesthetics numb the surface of the gums or oral lining surfaces of the mouth to provide a surface-level comfort. Topical anesthetics can be applied in a variety of ways: with a Q-tip, cotton swab, adhesive patch or a spray. The most important reason we use topical anesthetic is when we use them before administer injections (shots) so you don’t even feel the discomfort of a needle.

Injectable local anesthesia delivers medication though a needle that will briefly block pain sensation from the teeth, gums and bone. They accomplish this, the medication temporarily blocks the conduction of electrical impulses along the nerves that supply the gums and teeth with feeling. This allows for your procedure to be pain-free. Local anesthesia is especially important for treatments such as filling deep cavities, tooth cleanings or extractions, or for gum surgery.

Depending on the type of treatment or procedure we are performing, we will select the most suitable anesthetic and communicate this with you. However, if you normally feel anxious about your dental visits, please let us know and we will accommodate you so that your experience is comfortable, relaxing, and positive.

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