Scottsdale Dentist: Tooth Gems

Tooth gems are making a comeback as a trendy, blingy way to accessorize your smile. Originally a trend from Sweden, the United States are obsessed with it currently, with lots of celebrities backing the smile bedazzle. A tooth gem can last upwards of a year and can either be removed naturally with time or by your dentist.

Though these gems are eye-catching, they may come at a significantly higher cost than the little gem is actually worth. If your gem lasts a long time, your tooth may be at risk for needing treatment after it falls off! One story spread across media is a woman who’s gem lasted 5 years, leaving a whole in her tooth, resulting in her tooth needing a crown. Yes, she upgraded from a gem to a crown…..but her tooth was left worse than before the gem!

We recommend that if you get tooth gems, make sure to clean in the area you got it. It is important to clean around the gem to help reduce the amount of bacteria that invades underneath it. When you go for cleanings or checkups at your Scottsdale dentist, make sure to ask about your gem’s condition, as well as your tooth that is housing it!