Scottsdale Dentist: The Best On-The-Go Breath Saver

When you’re on the go, you have to be conscious of your daily intake – water, good foods, and some treats in between to keep you going. For decades, many people have kept chewing gum on their top list of daily activities in between everything. Chewing gum does have oral health benefits, and of course, freshens your breath. The most important ingredient to watch out for in chewing gum is sugar. If you read our blog, “5 Harmful Teeth Habits,” you’ll know that consuming drinks or foods with sugar can have damaging effects, especially when enjoyed for long periods of time. Luckily, there are several great gum brands that are sugar free.

Chewing sugar free gum

  • neutralizes acids in your mouth (acids can erode your teeth and cause decay)
  • offers healthy minerals and freshness to your teeth
  • contains xylitol (usually) which combats the sticky bacteria that may adhere to your teeth
  • increases saliva production, which naturally cleanses the mouth

Adding sugar-free chewing gum to your active and busy lifestyle will reward you with fresher breath and better oral hygiene throughout your day – amounting to better overall oral health.