Scottsdale Dentist: Smile Zone Implants

Dental implants have rapidly grown in popularity for the restoration of choice. Dental implants are a clear choice because they 1. restore the function of missing teeth seamlessly and 2. rejuvenate the smile with a natural appearance.

Making the final dental implant product look life-like is not a simple process, however. A lot of time and planning goes into each implant, especially when they reside in the “Smile Zone.” The “Smile Zone” is the upper front area of your mouth that is displayed when you smile.

The number one concern of placing a dental implant is determining if there is ample bone in the area to anchor a dental implant. Bone is a living tissue that can encounter resorption (dissolving) and growth. Normal daily use of your teeth, like when biting and chewing, stimulate growth and maintenance to your bone. When the teeth are missing, bone in these areas is no longer stimulated and resorbs. This could result in an aging effect to your appearance.

Although creating a natural, life-like appearance in the Smile Zone is difficult, it’s not impossible. It’s important first to undergo a complete dental examination and profile, where we can advise you on your best options to achieve a beautiful smile.

Though “Smile Zone” dental implants are complicated, our doctors take all efforts in technology, planning, and communication to ensure that your dental implants are natural and durable.