Scottsdale Dentist: Sleep Apnea Test

Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is an under-diagnosed and potentially serious health condition.

What is OSA? OSA occurs during sleep, where someone may have very shallow or arrested breaths. This, in result, causes less oxygen to flow through your body during revitalizing sleep. The lack of oxygen to vital organs may cause further problems past OSA.

How does this happen? OSA happens because something blocks the airway, restricting the flow of oxygen to the rest of the body. In turn, the chest and diaphragm work harder, stressing the chest muscles, to pull air into the lungs. This hard work usually is accompanied by loud snores, gasps, or body jerks.

Do you think you or a loved one has OSA? Consider these questions:

  1. Do you or a loved one snore loudly? (This means loud enough to be heard through closed doors…)
  2. Do you or a loved one frequently feel tired, fatigued, or sleepy throughout the day?
  3. Has anyone ever told you (or reported to someone) that you stop breathing during sleep?
  4. Do you or your loved one have high blood pressure, or are being treated for it?

If you answered yes to most or all of these questions, you should seek medical advice to find out if OSA is affecting you. Dentists can also help you with OSA problems, reach out to your Scottsdale dentist for more information.