Scottsdale Dentist: Importance of Maintaining a “Full Bite”

If you have missing “back teeth” (molars), you may wonder, why should I get dental implants? The importance of maintaining a full bite should not be neglected – as a full bite offers you increased longevity of keeping your natural teeth.

If you are missing some teeth, plus have some natural teeth, the natural teeth will shift overtime due to spacing. Filling the spaces where teeth used to be with dental implants keeps your bone stimulated and prevents your remaining teeth from shifting out of place. If your remaining teeth shift out of place – multiple effects may occur, such as:

  • bite problems
  • bone regression
  • tooth loss

Bite Problems

When teeth shift due to space, your bite is affected immediately. Uneven forces start to weigh down, stress, and wear teeth. Because of the consistent unequal opposing forces on your teeth, decay, fractures, and pain occur very frequently, and you may lower your chances of repairing them. If implants are placed within the spaces where natural teeth used to be, your teeth will stay aligned and be loaded with even and bearable forces from using your mouth to bite, chew, talk, and more.

Bone Regression

Losing a tooth does not only affect the surrounding teeth, but also what is below – your bone. Bone stimulation is the key to maintaining a youthful look. When teeth are removed, the bone below is no longer stimulated, meaning your body responds as though it is not needed by “bone resorption.” This can lead to surrounding teeth becoming loose, aging effects, and harder dental procedures later on to restore a stable smile.

Tooth Loss

Without replacing missing teeth with dental implants, your surrounding teeth are at risk to new forces, shifting, and becoming loose. It is important to place an implant in the area a tooth once was so that your whole mouth remains healthy and supportive of daily use.

Dental implants are the best way to replace missing teeth as they help you keep the rest of your natural teeth longer. Through bone stimulation, filling gaps, and replacing bite, dental implants can help increase the longevity of your best smile! Call your Scottsdale Dentist if you are interested in discussing more about dental implants.