Scottsdale Dentist: Get A Hollywood Smile Today

Have you ever seen a smile that you won’t forget? Do you find yourself staring at celebrity’s teeth during the shows? Most likely, your favorite celebrity smiles are crafted by a dentist. All parts of a smile can be shaped and enhanced with Botox and Juvaderm injectables, dental bonding, Invisalign, teeth whitening, implants, and dental Veneers, right in an office like ours.

Dental Veneers (you might hear Porcelain Veneers) are an increasingly popular way to enhance and change the esthetics of your smile by crowning (capping) your existing teeth with vibrant, natural looking Veneer crowns. Depending on what you want through a smile makeover, every tooth, or only the “smile teeth” can be crowned to give you a new look. To get a “perfect” smile, it requires planning and a good relationship with your dentist. Communication is a must. Any parts that you like or don’t like about your smile or envy about another’s smile can be considered during planning with your dentist. Tooth color, size, straightness, angle, shape, and even personality, can be chosen when planning the look of your dental Veneers. Try-in or 3D models of your future teeth can be made so that you can actually see a new smile before fully committing it.

The newest technology in dentistry is being used in our office to make Hollywood smiles doable for anyone. Here, we use 3-D scanners, gentle and anxiety-free techniques to avoid the gooey impression material, feelings, smells, and bad vibes that you may have experienced at a dental office.

See us today to enhance your smile with cosmetic veneers!