Scottsdale Dentist: Front Teeth Implants

Your front teeth are the first to tell your smile’s story – and with confidence, front teeth implants are beautiful restorations. It is frightening when a front tooth needs treatment because it is so noticeable. The wrong shade choice in the dental office or poor dentistry may lead you to embarrassment. At Serenity Smiles, we carefully plan and execute your entire front tooth restoration case so that your smile looks the same (if not more attractive)! Here, we have placed over 10,000 implants, thousands of them being front teeth restorations.

The benefits of choosing a single implant restoration for a missing front tooth include:

  • less dentistry to your adjacent teeth – instead of altering 6 teeth for a “smile” bridge, we only alter one. (We believe that your natural teeth should be preserved as long as possible).
  • significantly less bone loss over time, keeping your smile youthful
  • cubic zirconia finish, the most durable and attractive dental crown material
  • ability to shade match to your other teeth, making it impossible to tell that you have a front tooth implant
  • technology to ensure that your tooth’s physics, appearance, and use are top notch
  • security – you will not have to replace this tooth ever again
  • confidence – gain your confidence back with a natural looking, permanent restoration

For Serenity Smiles, restoring your front tooth with a dental implant is an exciting, well-planned process that will exceed your expectations and give you a beautiful result you can see every day when you smile. Watch our patient testimonials on our website: