Scottsdale Dentist: Forensics and Dentistry

Did you know that teeth play a huge role in modern forensics? Just like fingerprints, no bite is alike, not even in identical twins. Ondontology is the study of teeth for investigation.

Not only can teeth identify a suspect, they can also be used to learn more about the past. Teeth are one of the most preserved “fossils” we have and scientists have found teeth that are 160,000 years old!

Just like choosing esthetics of your teeth for a smile makeover, those small differences exist among everyone’s teeth naturally. Terms like, cusp shape, crown length, crown shape, golden proportion ratio, and so on, are used to identify the traits of teeth.

According to news articles, famous cases and tragedies have been solved using teeth. For example, Adolf Hitler’s body was properly identified by his teeth. Also, in the famous cases of Ted Bundy, bite marks were a crucial deciding factor in if he was guilty or not guilty of a crime. Lastly, family members were able to be identified on 9/11, helping bring closure to those who were missing loved ones.

Want to know more? Read this link about some historical cases where ondontology was used.