Scottsdale Dentist: Flossquick Review

Do you have trouble flossing daily? A new company, called FlossQuick, is trying to help dental home care become easier and faster. Their website is:

The concept of FlossQuick is stellar. We’re impressed that someone came up with an all in one method for flossing teeth. The goal is also admirable – to help more people floss daily.

As we recommend flossing daily, if FlossQuick is the way to make it happen for you, then we are stoked for your new, enhanced home care!

How does it work? FlossQuick is just like a DIY kit for dentistry that you might see with Smile Direct Club. You have the opportunity to take your own impressions at home, send them in to their facility, and pre-threaded, custom floss trays are sent back. After a few uses, you need to re-thread your flosser trays to keep them clean and ready for use.

Who can benefit from Flossquick? Flossquick is perfect for on-the-go people, as well as people who are not fond of flossing in traditional ways. The concept behind FlossQuick allows people to quickly floss all margins of their mouth with one use of the flossing tray per arch.

What do we recommend? Your Scottsdale dentist recommends that you partake in daily flossing. The importance in adding flossing to a daily routine can be read in our blog: