Scottsdale Dentist – Eating With Dentures

Dentures are an excellent way to restore a full smile, but there are challenges if not retained by dental implants. When getting adjusted to having full dentures, it may feel impossible to eat the foods you enjoy. There are a few ways to help make eating with dentures easier, but the number one step is to be patient in yourself adjusting to your dentures.

  1. Learn to use your new teeth. Though dentures are perfectly fabricated to give you function, your new smile is just this – a whole new smile. Your muscle memory has to reset and learn to work with your dentures and this takes time. If you are experiencing impatience with your dentures, try to keep using them – it will get better over time. If you feel any discomfort and develop symptoms of pain or sore spots, you may need a denture adjustment by your Scottsdale dentist.
  2. Consider securing your dentures with dental implants. If you are not satisfied with your dentures, you can secure them in place with dental implants. Along with having a permanent “lock and key” fit for your dentures, your dentures will lose their palate, making foods more enjoyable and easier to eat.
  3. Denture adhesive – Sometimes, a small amount of denture adhesive helps patient’s secure their dentures for better function. These are available at your local drugstores. If you would like help choosing the right adhesive, we are happy to help you.

Dentures help patients chew, talk, and function as if they have their natural teeth – but sometimes, you might need a little help along your journey to being fully satisfied with your dentures.

We, at Serenity Smiles, are happy to help you feel satisfied with your dentures – no matter what preferences or budget. Call us today to talk more about improving your dentures.