Scottsdale Dentist: DANGERS of D.I.Y Dentistry

The lower price tag and colorful marketing strategies may have you hooked on trying D.I.Y dentistry – however, you may end up costing yourself more money for oral rehabilitation or worse – all of your teeth.

D.I.Y dentistry can be described with one word: dangerous! In this blog, we’ll provide basic information for you about the cons of D.I.Y dentistry.

From charcoal toothpastes to at-home impression kits for clear braces – there is minimal supporting research and overwhelming problems for “conned” individuals. In the grand scheme of things, dental professionals are having to treat the injuries left behind from unprofessional companies.

The Truth about Activated Charcoal Toothpaste

Activated charcoal toothpaste has yet to be backed by scientific evidence in the claim that it can whiten your teeth. Also, the American Dental Association has not approved any activated charcoal products for dentistry. Observations have been made on the chemical nature of activated charcoal, suggesting that its properties may absorb plaque, making your teeth appear whiter – however, it is better to simply keep up your brushing habits with regular, fluoride containing toothpaste. Activated charcoal is abrasive. That term seems fitting for removing plaque and stains, however abrasion to the teeth is not the key to whitening. Using an abrasive material such as charcoal toothpaste against your teeth results in wearing of your enamel, the shiny coating that protects your teeth from damage. Wearing down your enamel may cause tooth sensitivity and even tooth decay – resulting in your teeth needing treatments such as fillings, crowns, and even root canals!

The Truth About At-Home Clear Braces

There are endless possibilities for hurting yourself with D.I.Y clear braces. It all starts with the first kit sent to you – your initial impression. Impressions are designed to capture your natural bite in a material that can be used to make night guards, clear braces, crowns, and more. However, the key words that are easily missed are “natural bite.” In the dental office, only a well-trained employee should take impressions of a patient’s bite because it is easy for the natural bite to shift during impressions due to the gooey material in between the arches. At home, it is not probable that a perfect impression will be taken – which means your entire teeth straightening process started with a false bite. In the end, it is possible that you’ll have teeth fractures, bite problems, loss of teeth, dental and facial pain, and a costly rehabilitation process. OUCH. Alongside this, several other things need to be considered before investing in orthodontics. There may be a better and more cost effective solution for you that a dentist can execute, such a veneer treatment or adjustment of just one tooth. With orthodontics, the whole mouth and face matter, not just your teeth, so a dentist should be present when evaluating and determining your best course of action for straightening your teeth. With companies like Smile Direct Club, you may even notice that your face is asymmetrical after treatment! Little things are not accounted for by these companies, which is why you should put your trust in a dentist who sees you in person and can professionally and appropriately adjust your smile.

At Serenity Smiles, we are eager to help those who want to improve their smile – whatever it may be. We would rather work with you and your concerns personally so that we can achieve a healthy result together. Please contact us if you are interested in whitening, teeth straightening, or any treatment. We will make your smile dreams come true without risk!