Scottsdale Dentist: 5 Reasons to Laugh!

Laughing is one of the best medicines – it’s true! Behind funny moments, there are positive health effects! 

Here are a few:

  1. The act of laughing increases your blood flow – making your body work better! Increased blood flow increases healing rates, and provides oxygen to your brain and organs. You’ll feel great.
  2. Like above, laughing may help with infections by raising the amount of immune cells working to help your body stay healthy.
  3. Laughing is sweet! Laughing can aid in regulating blood sugar levels in your body – an important function.
  4. Your life gets better with laughing! Research correlates more frequent laughing to better sleep and relaxation.
  5. Along with #4, laughter can boost your brain chemistry, reducing feelings of depression and anxiety.

Laughing is a gift and it shows off your excellent smile in a candid way! Learn more about the benefits of laughing at: , a great article that explains the biology!