Comforting Teething: Scottsdale Dentist

It is disheartening to see your baby upset when their teeth are erupting for the first time. Sometimes, you may feel hopeless in helping their pain. However, there are ways to help your baby’s discomfort when teething!

Massage your baby’s gums

Applying gentle pressure on the gums using either gauze or your finger can help alleviate the pressure your baby is experiencing.

Keep the area cool

Keeping the temperature of the mouth lower helps relieve the pain symptoms associated with teething. Cold teething rings are wonderful for this – however – make sure they are not frozen. Cool, wet washcloths can also be used.

Try Solid Foods

If your baby is able to tolerate solid foods, try some “gnaw” worthy foods – such as a peeled cucumber or carrot that have been chilled. This helps cool the area, as well as stimulate and apply pressure to the budding teeth.

Clean and Moisturize Your Baby’s Face

A lot of saliva is produced during teething periods, causing your baby to drool more than usual. To help other effects of teething, such as dry skin and red noses, try to keep your baby’s face clean and moisturized so extra discomfort is avoided.

Parent’s published an article title “Your Baby’s Teething Timeline.” Read it here to learn more about your baby’s dental development:

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