Do You Floss Your Teeth Regularly?

We all brush our teeth every single day, but does everyone floss the spaces in between their teeth? For the first statement, I can surely say that everyone brushes their teeth. However, not everyone gets to clean it with a dental floss.

In this post, I would like to write about the tools you can use to clean your teeth, and the importance of flossing & cleaning spaces in between your teeth.

What Can I Use to Remove the Food Stuck Between Teeth?

Now that we are on the topic of flossing, you are probably curious on the proper tool to use if you notice food particles stuck between your teeth. For sure, most of you just grab anything you deemed anything that will clean it out.bokeh photography of condiment shakers

In a study, the American Dental Association (ADA) revealed that the participants use whatever they have handy. Moreover, the ADA investigated the unusual flossing habits of Americans, and these were the unusual items that were used by most people…

  • 61% used their fingernails
  • 40% tried folded paper or cards
  • 21% admitted to using a fork, knife, or spoon
  • 14% made use of metal pins
  • 7% even resorted to using hair strands

The survey proved that most Americans, indeed, tried various things to floss their teeth. The ADA discourages the use of these unusual items because it is less capable of doing the job. Additionally, the items above are MORE risky. In fact, nearly half of the people who used some (if not, all) of the items shared that they experienced pain upon using a bizarre item as a cleaning tool.

Instead of using picking an odd item to clean your teeth, you can use a traditional string floss, dental picks, water flosses, and interdental brushes. These things are designated to effectively clean the spaces in between your teeth.

Discuss Your Options with Your Dentist.

You may end up injuring yourself that is why it is best to talk to your dentist so that he can share with you numerous options to clean your teeth. There is no universal solution because it really depends on the person. For instance, dental picks may be cheap but some people might unable to floss the hard-to-reach areas.

Meanwhile, water flossers may be pricey but it is a great tool to effectively clean your entire mouth. Remember that for some people, especially people who have had their teeth fix, it can be difficult to floss. This is true for people with braces or permanent bridges. Do not try to experiment because you might end up hurting yourself, and this could lead to an infection or a gum disease.

So, I really suggest talking to your trusted dentist for the viable options. Once you find something that works for you, then, add it your oral routine.  Lastly, the American Dental Association reminds everyone to choose a dental product with their seal of approval. On the next post, I will teach you how to floss the right way.

A Healthy Habit of Cleaning Your Teeth

If you want to develop a healthy habit, you can visit Serenity Smiles. For only $99, there will be an extensive oral examination, X-ray, and dental cleaning. Serenity Smiles can also help transform your smile with a Smile Makeover.  For more information, you may call 480-400-5000.

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