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Scottsdale Dentist: Gluten Sensitivity and Oral Health

A growing concern in health has been the effects of gluten on certain people. Gluten is a protein found in grains like wheat, rye, and sometimes oats. It’s estimated that 1 in 133 Americas suffer from Celiac Disease (CD), which is a gluten-related disorder where the body’s immune system works against itself! When a person with […]

Scottsdale Dentist: Smile Zone Implants

Dental implants have rapidly grown in popularity for the restoration of choice. Dental implants are a clear choice because they 1. restore the function of missing teeth seamlessly and 2. rejuvenate the smile with a natural appearance. Making the final dental implant product look life-like is not a simple process, however. A lot of time […]

Scottsdale Dentist: Forensics and Dentistry

Did you know that teeth play a huge role in modern forensics? Just like fingerprints, no bite is alike, not even in identical twins. Ondontology is the study of teeth for investigation. Not only can teeth identify a suspect, they can also be used to learn more about the past. Teeth are one of the […]

Scottsdale Dentist: How to Properly Floss

In a great daily dental routine, you should include the act of flossing to fully cleanse and combat bacteria from causing tooth decay. Our dental hygienist, Melissa, has a great explanation on how to floss properly. Flossing does require technique, so here are three quick tips to help your flossing experience be efficient and effective. […]

Scottsdale Dentist: Flossquick Review

Do you have trouble flossing daily? A new company, called FlossQuick, is trying to help dental home care become easier and faster. Their website is: https://flossquick.com/. The concept of FlossQuick is stellar. We’re impressed that someone came up with an all in one method for flossing teeth. The goal is also admirable – to help […]

Scottsdale Dentist: A Peak at our Supplier

All dental offices have a village of great people that work together to make sure that everything in the office is ready – whether its hiring dentists, cleaning the facility on weekends, or even down to the products we use for your treatment. At our Scottsdale location, we trust Henry Schein for our equipment (dental […]

Scottsdale Dentist: Front Teeth “Stain” Fix

Do you have spots on your front teeth? Discoloration from previous braces or retainers? These little spots that may be a burden to you can actually be resolved quickly, in just one visit. Depending on treatment options, your teeth may or may not have to be shaved by a drill to eliminate the discoloration. During […]

Scottsdale Dentist: Composite Vs. Amalgam Fillings

Fillings are one of the most common procedures to help remove decay on teeth and build teeth back up to their best health and strength. Dentistry has evolved over the years, offering two main material options for fillings: composite or amalgam. Composite filling material is composed of plastic and composite resin and amalgam fillings are […]

Scottsdale Dentist: Tooth Gems

Tooth gems are making a comeback as a trendy, blingy way to accessorize your smile. Originally a trend from Sweden, the United States are obsessed with it currently, with lots of celebrities backing the smile bedazzle. A tooth gem can last upwards of a year and can either be removed naturally with time or by your […]